Variety Store ​​

  1. Just for Kids
    Just for Kids
    Yellow, Purple, Pink, Red and Blue Crayons $5.00.
  2. On the Wall
    On the Wall
    Hair Accessories, Purses, Baby Items . . .
  3. Jewelry Counter
    Jewelry Counter
    Fashion rings for men and women, earrings, boxed sets. Prices vary.
  4. Halloween
    Wigs, Lights, Makeup, and Décor.
  5. Trimmerry
    LED Candles, Scented Candles, Holiday Living.
  6. Valentine's Day
    Valentine's Day
    Cupcake Banks $3.99, Cupcake Bubble Bath $3.29, Heart Balloons.
  7.  Library
    Professional Books: Vicki Spandel, Cris Tovani, Barry Lane.
  8. For Teacher
    For Teacher
    Scented Candles, Educational Pins, Kits, Plaques.
  9. Bike Rally 2016
    Bike Rally 2016
    Big Wreck!
  10. Lots of Books
    Lots of Books
  11. For School
    For School
    Critical Thinking Charts, Markers, Crayons.
  12. Elegance
    Glass Bulbs, Globes, Candles, Tea Lights, Lead Crystal
  13. Gifts
    Themed Salt and Pepper Shakers, Vases, Silk Floral Arrangements.
  14. North Pole
    North Pole
    Snowmen, Snow Buddies, Candles
  15. Christmas Gift Basket
    Christmas Gift Basket
  16. For the Table
    For the Table
    Dishes, Napkins, Plates.
  17. In the Cupboard
    In the Cupboard
    Christmas List Floral Decorations, Decorative Glass Jars, and Santas.
  18. For Him and Her
    For Him and Her
    Colognes, Perfumes, Gift Sets
  19. Bargain Center
    Bargain Center
    Shop behind the store during the summer for more bargains and deals. Items are a steal!
  20. MHC
    Shop Locally and Save!